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Bath Sponges
A luxurious 10 - 12 cm sponge that is as soft as lamb's wool when wet and lathers beautifully with liquid or bar soap. Bath Sponges can be purchased with/without a silk gift bag. Silk bags are handwoven by members of the Cambodian Handicraft Association, which supports landmine victims and polio-disabled individuals.
Wool Bath Sponges Bath sponge 18
Bath sponge in silk bag 20
Facial Sponges
Delicate, fine 5 - 6 cm sponges for facial cleansing and applying makeup. To apply liquid foundation simply wet the sponge with water, squeeze out excess water, and use to apply foundation. To remove makeup simply wet sponge, add a little facial cleanser if desired, and wipe gently. Facial sponges can be cut if desired to get a flat surface. Facial sponges can be purchased in sets of two with/without a silk gift bag.
Baby Bath Sponges Two facial sponges 18
Two facial sponges in silk bag 20
General Cleaning Sponges
Sea sponges have superior water absorption and natural antibacterial properties that make them ideal for general household cleaning sponges. Slightly smaller and more irregularly shaped than our bath sponges, these sponges are very durable and economically priced.
General Cleaning Sponges Two general cleaning sponges 20 Out of Stock
Art Sponges
Two small 4 - 5 cm sponges with very fine pores for use in art and craft applications. Sponges can be cut to produce sharp edges if desired.
Craft Sponges Two art sponges 12
Care for your Sustainable Sponge
Simply rinse your sponge in fresh water, squeeze, and leave to air dry. Periodic cleaning by soaking in 2C water with 1T baking soda for 1 hour will enhance the life of your sponge.
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